Asset Protection

My goal with this website isn’t to go into great detail on each module of the 10-module financial literacy course.

For a detailed outline of what is covered in the course, click here to download the FULL Table of Contents.

Four Key Components to EVERY Financial plan

-Asset Protection
-Tax Reduction
-Stock Market Risk Mitigation
-Long-Term Care Planning

Asset protection planning” in the classic sense is protecting your wealth from negligence lawsuits. If you have any amount of wealth, you need asset protection.

Many people will wonder how that can be true since they’ve never had an advisor bring up the subject matter (which is why there is a module in this course on bad advisors: how to identify them; how to avoid them).

Assets in “your own name” are at risk of loss in a lawsuit! Brokerage accounts; Vacation properties; Rental Properties; Anything else of value

If you own a car and a cell phone you are one text message away from a lawsuit! Nearly everyone who drives is guilty of texting and driving. Studies show this is more dangerous than drinking and driving.

What will be subject to loss if you cause harm from a texting and driving crash? All of your assets that are not protected (which for most is everything).

In this educational module, I will explain how to protect your assets from lawsuits (including the bread and butter asset protection tool which is a Limited Liability Company (property structured and set up in the right state)).

I will explain the following schematic which you will fully understand and when you do you will know more about asset protection than your local financial planner, insurance agent, CPA/EA/accountant, and even most attorneys.

Roccy DeFrancesco, JD, CAPP, CMP
Founder, The Wealth Preservation Institute
Co-Founder, The Asset Protection Society