Get on a Budget

As I was creating this course, it became clear to me that for consumers to accomplish their financial planning goals, they MUST get on a budget.

Only when you know where and how much you are spending can you:

1) decide if your spending habits need to change; and

2) determine how much you are capable of saving for your future goals (retirement, college, down payment for a house, etc.).

Free Online Budgeting App

I created an online budgeting app that is super easy to use and one where the data can be saved and edited. It’s FREE to those who are taking the Financial Literacy Course (a $30 a year value).

It may not be fun to set up your online budget, but when you do, it can be an invaluable tool. The following is an image of a 12-month budget for an example consumer.

Once you sign up for the course (or are provided the course by an advisor directly), you should receive a login link to get access to the Budget App.

If you have any issues with the app, you can contact me directly at:

Roccy DeFrancesco